Marketing Analytics

Every business performs some type of analytics.  Some businesses track daily sales with detailed reports on revenue and others track product failure rates or service calls over a selected period of time.  Knowing where you were, where you are now and where you are going is essential for all businesses. Understanding what your competition is doing or not doing is also a key to success.

When putting money into your online marketing campaign, there are key factors you may want to know. Who is visiting your website, how did they find your site, where are they coming from, how long do they view your pages, what are they looking at, where do they go when leaving your website, are they coming back? We are certified in Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics. We can help you gain the knowledge needed for a successful online marketing campaign and your overall business.

Google Analytics Certified

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Website Design

Design, re-design or migration of your website or ecommerce CRM systems.

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Digital Marketing

SEM, pay-per-click, dynamic banners, affiliate, email, blog and Social Media Marketing solutions.

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Performance Analytics

Website and social media analytical information on customer interactions.

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Website Maintenance

Continual customer support including template, plugin and licensing updates.

The Right Choice for Your Website

WordPress is the most versatile website platform for small businesses. While we like WIX and Weebly for their built-in design capabilities, they are not portable if you decide to migrate your hosting.


Ready to Make Sales?

Designed for selling physical items, downloadable content, service and subscriptions, WooCommerce is the solution for eCommerce. Unlike Shopify, you can choose Square, Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, or your own merchant account with over 50 payment gateways.

Complete Solution

We provide digital photography, product descriptions, cross promotions, upsells, reviews, SKUs and the insertion of items into your store.

eCommerce Solutuions

Social Media Marketing

Find your voice, you will find your audience. We can help you engage your customers wherever they are or whatever they use.

Email Marketing

Still considered the best return on investment type of digital marketing. We believe in privacy and do not believe in “spamming”. Grow your email list organically with proven ethical methods of lead generation.

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Commercial & Stock Photography

Go beyond the generic stock photos that most web designers use. See our unique collections of images on the available services. Our professional photographers can also be contract for your special projects.