Websites are Not Static

Your car needs regular service and you go to the doctor to check your health. A website is no different. Websites require updates to the informative content to keep them fresh with the search engines and frequent visitors. Websites also require updates to the themes and plugins to fix any issues with newer versions of software installed on the hosting platform and/or new security threats and discovered viruses. Conflicting applications due to improper updates and dead links will cause you to lose ranking in the search engines.

WordPress Website Plugin Updates

WordPress Theme and Plugin Updates

When you build out a website in WordPress, it typically sits on top of a theme with plugins to achieve the look and function desired.  WordPress itself changes and most hosting companies will update the version they are offering.  Hosting companies will also update the version of PHP for performance and security reasons.  It then becomes your responsibility to update your theme and plugins to keep your website active and current.  

Updating WooCommerce

 WooCommerce itself needs application updates as well as a vigilant retailer needs to update their online offerings. Both types up updates require some expertise in performing with zero down time and no unintended consequences. 

eCommerce Solutuions

Product & Service Updates

Prices need updates, products get added, services change, warranty extensions are offered, photos need to be refreshed and seasonal sales are needed.

Keeping up with Social Media

Social media communications and updates are one of the first areas business let fail. It is one of the most difficult areas for a business to justify the cost since sales are rarely tracked coming directly to the social interaction. Social media should be looked upon as business “good will” and responsible customer service.  There is nothing more scary for a potential customer to see the latest posting dated from 2016.

Updated Analytics

Getting you website reviewed and optimized over a year ago is going to give you a false sense of security. Outdated analytics are the worse enemy of a business since business is not static. Know where you were, where you are now and where you are going. What is your competition doing?

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