YouTube Video Marketing

Incorporating video content, YouTube Video Marketing, as part of a larger marketing plan is a great way to create brand recognition and boost your online visibility.  With creative content and focused keywords, a video from YouTube can rank highly on Google’s search engine. A well-rounded online marketing campaign will include website SEO, PPC (Pay per click) marketing, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc..), Email Marketing, Blogs, Press Releases, News Feed and Video Marketing (YouTube, Facebook Live, Video, etc…). Some online marketing plans go further with Podcasts, Affiliate Marketing, and Contest Giveaways.

With YouTube Video Marketing, it is important to know your audience and their expectations. Creating cat videos when your business is about boating does not make sense and you may lose subscribers if there is no continuity to your channel. This is not to say that a video “off topic” to your business would not be a success, but it may detract from your overall message.  Also, when creating and posting videos online, do not expect the subscriber rate to be that of Ryan’s Toy Review.

Target Market

After understanding you audiences expectations, you will want to create your video to target them. The below video was created to market electrical contractors and home “do-it-yourself”consumers to upgrade their current incandescent and/or halogen lights to LED lights. When posting your video, it is important to use keywords and phrases to target your market. This includes using phrases and keywords within the written text of the YouTube video.

Branding and Copyright

To brand the video, we used the company logo at the beginning and end of the video with a sound effect. This sound effect is part of the branding and is found as the intro and ending of all company videos. The next piece of branding and a type of copyright is using the logo as a watermark in the bottom right corner of the video. This is designed to associate the logo with the actual business doing the marketing. The watermark also makes it difficult for someone re-edit the video for their own use. We also make sure that there is descriptor text in the video details something unique to the company. Finally, during the video’s audio, dropping the company name also has the same effect of branding and creating a non-removable copyright.


If you are looking for more visibility over basic SEO, you may want to use Google AdWords to promote your video. This may be advantageous if your video is your primary selling tool for your product or service. We have seen with specific product demonstration videos and instructional videos that using AdWords can boost the overall sales when compared to SEO only marketing.  Viewers looking for instructions on how to install or use a product will consider the video owner an expert in the field. This translates to a product sale or service call when marketed properly. Conduct A/B testing to see what works for you.